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Nick did his first ever insect talk with his collection of invertebrates to a group of senior citizens who met weekly at his secondary school aged only thirteen. He performed his first ever school visit thirty years ago, to Croscombe CEVA Primary School, at the tender age of just eighteen! And ever since then, with many hundreds of school visits under our belt, you can rest assured that your classroom topic will be delivered with uncompromising professionalism. Bugfest is the only exotic visit provider in the area that can boast a fifteen years post graduation PGCE qualified teacher, with forty one  years of Natural History and thirty six years’ experience in keeping exotics at the helm (some similar providers have to add up the combined pet keeping experience of their individual members/volunteers to exaggerate their true level of knowledge and competence, if we did that we could falsely claim nearly one hundred years of “combined” experience amidst our team).

Bugfest is privileged to be repeatedly re-booked over the years by an established school customer base, some of whom have been using Bugfest ever since we started!


How much will a bug visit to school cost?

One hour £130 plus travel costs of £30 per hour all round

Two hours £240 plus travel costs of £30 per hour all round

Three hours £330 plus travel costs of £30 per hour all round

Four hours £400 plus travel costs of £30 per hour all round

Five hours £450 plus travel costs of £30 per hour all round

Travel costs are applied for all destinations over ten miles from Dorchester to cover fuel, vehicle depreciation and paid travel time for staff.

When it comes to bug visits to schools, there are eight important reasons why you should choose an educational visit company, run by an experienced fully qualified teacher and not an amateur.


1: PGCE qualified teacher

2: Proven classroom management skills

3: Proven lesson planning skills

4: Proven differentiation and extended questioning skills

5: Knowledge and ability to apply foundation, KS1 and KS2 curriculum to topics and animals

6: Subscription based teacher’s DBS

7: Ability to adapt to any learning environment

8: Always prepared for the curve ball questions that come from the children – with an appropriate answer

The Best Bug Visits to Schools EVER!

Children love the active delivery of the sessions we provide and the “Horrible Histories” style of delivery. Your class sessions are highly interactive, allowing children, and teaching staff the opportunity to engage with and handle the animals.


Bespoke sessions directly linked to your curriculum areas such as:


Rain forests




Humans and animals

Christian values and ethos respected and supported

bug visits to schools

Bugfest literally takes the stress away! Planning a zoo visit takes up a lot of your time, a coach can cost up to £600, it is nearly impossible for you to enjoy the day, and your itinerary is so rushed and hurried, the children are lucky to get any quality learning out of it as well.

A Bugfest visit is a fraction of the cost, and the children can get to learn about the amazing invertebrates we bring into your classroom up close – and in many cases get to handle them – with the exception of tarantulas and scorpions; we take child protection very seriously and want to protect them from potential skin and eye irritation from kicked tarantula hairs.

With over a thousand presentations to his name, Nick, the owner and runner of Bugfest brings an exciting and exuberant approach to learning. Children are quickly engaged by his appropriate sense of humour, and those of a nervous nature are fast to find their courage and face their own creepy crawly fears.

Bugfest school visits are now available online through our Zoom account, streamed live from our very own studio.

We can provide you with relevant learning resources, all differentiated and all linked to the curriculum.

Zoom prices.

We have discounted the prices for Zoom sessions from those of a standard visit.

This means you can save not just on the booking during the lockdown, but you also have no additional travel costs to pay.

One hour: £100

Two hours: £180

Three hours: £240

Four hours: £280

Five hours: £300