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We absolutely love this book! It has delightful fun facts, bite sized information that children will soak up like a sponge and some lovely photography. Primarily aimed at very young readers (2-4 years) it is basic. With 34 pages and hardback binding, it is not a heavy tome, but really is well suited to reception class and pre schoolers.

Currently £5.94, was £6.99 – save 15%

Another delightfully illustrated book which is packed with 40 pages plus of pictures, simple facts and puzzles for the young entomologist/natural historian. Listed as 5-6 year old, we would say more like 3-5 year old.

For school and learning sessions, we would say make a copy to avoid getting pencil all over the beautiful pages – your pupils will be itching to interact with this book.

Currently £5.41

With National Geographic, you can be assured of a good book! With 272 pages, and in hard back this is amazing value for money. The photography is stunning, the science accurate, and your children will love it. Even the adults like it too!

Currently £14,92, was £19.99 – save 25%

Written by TV personality Jess French, we heartily recommend this book. The illustrations are breath-taking, and the publishers have cleverly mixed real-life photographic images within the illustrations to create an atmospheric read.

Currently£10.78, was £14.99 – save 28%

This book is beautifully illustrated and does a great job of introducing children to minibeasts. Over sixty pages and hardback, it has plenty of factual information that serves as a spring board to make children want to learn more. The images are large, often one double page spread per creature to avoid overloading the reader.

Currently £10.19, was £12.99 – save 22%

This fun, photo-filled, fact-packed guide will get kids outdoors to discover the different types of bugs around them.

From dragonflies and damselflies to crickets and grasshoppers, kids will learn all about different insects, invasive species, arthropods, bites, stings and metamorphoses in this brilliant book of bugs. With tons of info on flies, beetles, bumblebees and butterflies, it’s the perfect companion for the garden, day trips, camping or holidays. Durable and portable, it’s just right to fit into a pocket or backpack.

Currently £5.94, was £6.99: save: £1.05 (15%)

Welcome to the Bug Hotel, a homemade habitat where creepy crawlies of all shapes and sizes can find a place to stay! Discover how a bug hotel can create a sustainable, safe environment for insects and mini-beasts by exploring each section, lifting the flaps and finding out facts about your favourite garden insects.

A great way to get ideas for your forest school bug hotel project.

Mad About Bugs, from Ladybird, is full of buggy facts!

Are you mad about bugs? From spiders and snails to butterflies and bees, this book is packed with fascinating facts and key information for all young creepy-crawly enthusiasts. Also includes a link to fantastic downloadable Mad About posters.

Ladybird’s Mad About series is all about giving its readers all the facts they could possibly need about their favourite subjects. Get ready to impress all your friends with all your new knowledge!

Look out for Mad About Dinosaurs and Mad About Sharks, too!

Take a journey through the garden and discover the bugs that are living there. The beautiful illustrations create the world of the garden, combined with text that leads young readers to the hiding places of various bugs. inviting them to guess what creature they have found. My First Book of Garden Bugs is the perfect introduction to the names of some common garden insects, along with interesting facts about them.


This really is a great book!

Bees, beetles, bugs, butterflies and more – love them or hate them insects are everywhere. Discover the different varieties, body-structure, life cycles, and behaviour – from why bees make honey to which insects have ears on their knees with DK Eyewitness Insects.

Find out what the earliest insects looked like, how insects fly, and what a wasp’s-eye-view looks like. Learn how insects, often seen as pests by humans, perform a vital role as pollinators of food crops. DK Eyewitness Insects also includes a giant fold-out wall chart full of facts, perfect for bedrooms or classrooms.

With incredible photographs including duelling stag beetles locked in combat, a wasps’ nest under construction, and an adult damselfly emerging from its old skin children will be fascinated by this world of creepy crawlies.

Currently £6.56, was £7.99  Save: £1.43 (18%)
Come on a bug hunt in this little book and discover ants building their nest underground, bees making honey in their hive and a bug hotel where lots of creepy crawlies have found a home. With colourful illustrations, flaps to lift and holes to peep through, there’s so much to discover in this fascinating introduction to insects and where they live.
Currently £6.50, was £7.99: save: £1.49 (19%)

Enter a world of insects in this encyclopedia of more than 200 minibeasts.

With amazing stats, close-up photographs, and genius gem facts, Pocket Eyewitness Insects will let you see their true sizes, discover where and how they live and find out which deadly insects to watch out for.

What do insects eat? Which ones are poisonous? From the flower chafer to the giraffe weevil, Pocket Eyewitness Insects is packed with bite-sized chunks of information that make learning about insects even more intriguing. Many-legged millipedes, dazzling dragonflies, and beastly bed bugs all are brought to life in amazing detail.

Perfect for school projects and homework assignments as well as for young enthusiasts, Pocket Eyewitness Insects uncovers everything you need to know about nature’s cutest and creepiest bugs in one pocket-sized book.

Currently £3.99

What makes bees dance? How do bugs find their way at night? Which tiny bugs can build nests taller than a person? Lift the flaps to find out in this fascinating introduction to the world of insects. With Usborne Quicklinks to specially selected websites to watch a caterpillar turn into a butterfly, see a firefly, listen to a cricket and lots more.

Currently £5.10

The experts at National Geographic present a delightful reference that introduces young children to bugs of all kinds: big and small, jumping and crawling, colourful and creepy.

This charming book explores backyard favourites, such as ladybugs and lightning bugs, and introduces kids to more exotic species that inhabit rain forests and deserts around the world. Colourful photos are paired with profiles of each insect, along with facts about the creatures’ sizes, diets, homes, and more. This book will quickly become a favourite at Storytime, bedtime, and any other time!

Currently £8.95, was £9.99: save: £1.04 (10%)

Usborne Beginners Nature 10 Books Set:

Ants: Where do ants live? What do they eat? How much weight can they carry? Little children can find out the answers to these questions and much more in this simple introduction to the world of ants.

Bees & Wasps: A slim and unintimidating book which belies its contents – a wealth of information, much of which will be new even to adults.

Bugs: Usborne Beginners are colourful information books for children beginning to read on their own.

Spiders: Usborne Beginners are colourful information books for children beginning to read on their own.

Caterpillars and Butterflies: Usborne Beginners are colourful information books for children beginning to read on their own.

How Flowers Grow: How do flowers grow in dry deserts? How do animals help to spread seeds? Which flower smells like rotting meat?

Trees: This is a fantastic brand new addition to the ‘Beginners’ series, designed to provide an informative introduction to trees and plant-life for young readers.

Rainforest: It offers a terrific reading practice for children who prefer fact to fiction. It is developed with a reading expert from Roehampton University to help young readers grow in confidence.

Tadpoles and Frogs: Vivid, full colour illustrations and photographs on every page, accompanied by short, informative text.

Reptiles: This is a fantastic brand new addition to the “Beginners” series, designed to provide an informative introduction to trees and plant-life for young readers.

Currently £25.08