Welcome to Bugfest
Welcome to Bugfest

Because the Earth matters.

Bugfest is the UK’s leading entomological experience and entertainment provider.

We can offer a great many ways to bring the world of natural history and exotic animals to you. With a wide variety of service options and packages, we have something for everyone.

Now online and worldwide via interactive Zoom sessions.

We have just had an awesome, amazing Zoom visit from Nick at Bugfest to launch our ‘predator’  topic. Covid had put a stop to his planned visit into school but it really felt that he and his incredible bugs were ‘up close’ in our classroom.The children were hooked from the first minute to the last. Nick has an encyclopedic knowledge of all of his collection of bugs and a fantastic way of delivering his expertise, knowledge and love of these creatures to the children.It was the perfect way to hook the children into predators and they haven’t stopped talking and learning about them since. Thank you Nick.

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Bugfest is currently visiting schools during the crisis.

We are using HD cameras that we can plug into your projector for extra close up images, we wear masks and gloves when bringing the insects around for children to handle, and bring surgical scrub for hand hygiene (surgical scrub kills corona viruses and carries on working for six hours). You can of course use alcohol gel on top of that for extra peace of mind – we cannot be too careful!

Please get in touch to discuss how we can provide you with a safe and as covid secure a visit as possible for you.

Detailed covid risk assessment, public liability insurance and enhanced supply teaching DBS certificate available on request.

Due to the newest of lockdown restrictions, we are still available for school visits as we are an education enrichment provider led by a qualified teacher with a PGCE, delivering specialist lessons on curriculum topics.

If you are too far away, we can also provide you with a virtual on-line visit from our very own, purpose built Bugfest studio, with supporting teaching and learning resources at reduced rates of £100 per hour. Book a whole day of five sessions for £60 per session (£300) and save £100 off the price of a normal full day visit.

Please email us for more info about our virtual lessons.


We have the best party packages out there.

bug parties

Very much copied, but never surpassed, the Bugfest parties are unbeatable, and will leave lifelong memories of an amazing time had by all.

For school visits we send a qualified teacher.

bug visits to schools

Save hundreds of pounds and weeks of planning and headaches and booking coaches for a zoo trip. Let Bugfest bring the exotics to you instead.

We have been visiting youth groups for ten years.

bug visits to youth groups

Bugfest has been visiting child, youth and SEN groups all over the region for years. Nick has taught and worked in the youth age group for many years.

We have been visiting care provisions since we started up.

bug visits to care homes

We have visited care homes ever since Bugfest started. Dan, one of our key presenters, is a level five qualified care home manager with decades of experience in the care context.

We love supporting community events big and small.

local events

Bugfest has a large team of staff and volunteer handlers, who like to help out at community events. We have enough resources to be out at two separate events at the same time.

We have the experience and capacity for major events and festivals.

large events and festivals

Bugfest is renowned for delivering spectacular festival content. We can bring a large team of handlers who will bring a little of the wild world to add extra sparkle to your public events.

Holiday Park Entertainment

Bugfest enjoys the enviable privilege of being the trusted exotic animal entertainment for some of the UK’s leading holiday park companies.

What would you like to know about the UK’s leading entomology experience provider?

Bugfest’s owner, Nick Wadham is a member of the Verrall Association of Entomologists.

Nick is a post-graduate qualified teacher with fourteen years post-qualification teaching and teacher trainer experience.

Nick is an entomological script consultant for a pre-production TV series.

Nick is a fully paid up member of Equity – the actors’ and performers’ union.

Bugfest delivers bespoke sessions directly linked to your curriculum areas such as:


Rain forests




Humans and animals

Christian values and ethos respected and supported

Full risk assessments available

New enhanced Teacher’s DBS check for 2018

Ten Million employer’s and public liability cover

Take a look at the Bug Visits to Schools page to find out more

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We are available every day of the week, up and down the country for birthdays, festivals, events, care home and school visits and more.