Join us in Morocco
A land of deserts
Breath-taking beauty
...and an abundance of natural history

Just imagine following Nick and the local trackers carefully, as you search for the elusive and lethal horned viper… 

…puff adder 

and cobras – some of Morocco’s deadliest snakes.

Home to fifty species of scorpion alone, some of which are potentially deadly to humans...

 …Morocco is certainly somewhere to watch where you put your feet!

Morocco even has its own scorpion: a fat tailed scorpion called Androctonus maroccanus

This is just a small fraction of what we are here to see.

There is so much more.


Micro fauna is just part of the picture, it’s the macro fauna we are also interested in.




Incredibly rare and scare in north western Africa, the leopard is sometimes spotted in the forested areas of the Atlas Mountains, where it is known as the Barbary Leopard.

You will need to have the keenest of eyes to spot it and get that perfect boast worthy shot.

Striped Hyena

Noticeably slight in build compared to their larger cousins, the striped hyenas are also to be found in and around the Atlas Mountains in smaller groups and pairs.

Though quite timid around humans, it is still recommended to keep a safe distance and rely on your telephoto lens.

Can you imagine the feel of the sun? The coarse sand crunching under your feet, trying to crouch low, to get the stable position for that shot in a million?

To your right something moves, it catches your attention…

Wow – it’s a golden wolf, you have it in frame perfectly, burst mode blasting with near silent clicks, maybe it’s bringing a kill back to feed its young.

Or maybe we have discovered a whole pack and they are just playing and kicking up dust in their rough and tumble, the late afternoon sun turning the dust into translucent flames. Spell-binding isn’t it?

There is more to Morocco than just the wildlife

Morocco is a stunning country full of ancient history, wisdom and colour.

When we are not out and about tracking, filming and photographing nature, you might want to take some time to explore the local towns, or market places around the hotel and take in the sights, and sounds, oh and the smells of traditional Moroccan culture.

Sample delicious food

Haggle with friendly  traders

Immerse yourself in culture

Absorb traditional music and dance

Discover thousands of years of of proud Moroccan heritage 

Mouthwatering Moroccan cuisine
Delicious Moroccan street food
Tagines simmering
Traditional tagines for sale in rainbows of colour
Vibrant markets
Explore traditional souks
The markets almost never sleep
Friendly traders, eager to barter
Fresh herbs piled high
Myriad spices perfume the air
Beautiful side streets
Fancy a camel ride?
Absorb your memories as the sun sets on a picture perfect day
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Price: £2600 per person including flights.